Members' Artwork

This page displays the art of members who chose to show their work on our website.

If you are a member please call or email to find out how you can have your work added.

Anita N. Browning collage, mixed media
Anna Lancaster acrylics, mixed media, oils, painting, pastels, watercolors
Asante Riverwind acrylics, mixed media, oils, pen and ink
Barbara Stevens-Newcomb abstract, painting
Bill Rutherford drawing, painting, sculpture
Carol Plaia painting, sculpture
Cilla Carpenter watercolors
Deb Ingebretsen photography
Deborah Hebert fiber arts
Denise L. Zanetta colored pencils, drawing
Diane L. Farquhar acrylics, painting, watercolors
Donna Schimmels calligraphy, colored pencils, mixed media, pastels, pen and ink
Gladys Bacon fiber arts
Glenn Dow acrylics, painting
Jo Dunnick watercolors
Keith Bennett drawing, mixed media, painting
Kris Stewart oils, painting
Kyla Corbett fiber arts
LaVonne Tarbox-Crone, AWS, NWS acrylics, collage, pastels, watercolors
Merrilea Jones abstract, acrylics, painting
Mia Furstner watercolors
Paul Bourgault painting, watercolors
Paula Goodbar photography
Sarkis Antikajian oils, pastels, watercolors
Sharon Heinz watercolors
Shirley Froyd mixed media, watercolors
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