Paula Goodbar

My photography has been the one place where I can express total honesty.  I can expose past emotions from abuse, joy, pain, peace and desire.  Art is where I can dream and feel free to dig deep inside to find the core of the woman that I have been and will become.   I relate my deepest fears as well as dreams to others in the hopes that they can relate and find some empowerment from the message that lies within the art.

I waited almost twenty years before trying to express myself through any artistic medium.  I realized that I saw things photographically and decided that I wanted a camera to capture the world around me, as I saw it.  I carried my 35mm with me everywhere seeing the world frame by frame for more than 30 years.  I worked in a corporate world and raised two daughters as a single mother for most of that time and still managed to find time in the darkroom to bring those captured images to light.  I made the transition from film to digital and embrace several different techniques, tools and processes as well as delving into mixed media to convey my stories.

My work has been exhibited in more than twelve solo shows in the last 20 years and has been in at least 26 group exhibitions in Arizona, California and Oregon.

I don’t want to play on the surface of a subject.  I want to dive in and get below the obvious to discover the essence of each subject.  I throw light into the darkness to discover what’s waiting to be explored.  My art is meant to expose and express emotion to create a connection with the viewer.  The deeper I go, the more I learn and can share.

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