Marvel Loftus

I became interested in painting and carving when I retired in 1988. We lived in Florida at Carefree Country Club. Two retired art teachers lived in the park and held art classes; one taught knife painting the other with brushes, and both worked in oil. I quickly joined both classes. After several years I became close friends with one of the teachers and we painted together at each others houses. This is where and how I learned my art. When my Grandchildren started to get married, I would paint a picture for their wedding gift. I also begun to wood carving. Our park had a wonderful wood carver. I did a lot of small birds that I gave away as gifts. I have now moved to Oregon in 2011 and started to paint in acrylics and bigger birds. I am an avid birder and canoeist. Love the challenge of the outdoors and canoed many rivers and lakes.

Media: Oils