Diane L. Farquhar

I’m proud to be a native Oregonian. Oregon is a state rich in variety of landscapes and people. Nature abounds and is easily accessible. Throughout my life, I’ve been blessed to live and work both in the city and in the country. I’ve had the opportunity to ride and show horses, camp, and spend time in the mountains, in the desert, and at the beach.

Growing up with a father who was a professional photographer, I learned composition and gained a keen appreciation for creating unique insights of ordinary subjects. Through photography, my father captured moments in time, evoking emotion and insight. His photographs also recall memories common to the human experience. Before the digital age, I fell in love with the simplicity of black and white photographs that could be manipulated to create astounding effects through processing techniques such as double exposure, solarization and polarization.

Although I majored in business and law during college, I studied art history, ancient through modern. I was enamored with color, form, linear quality, light, and abstraction, and I began to understand how art reflects the politics, religion, and values of an era. I developed a deep affection for the creative process with particular interest in modern artists and abstraction.

My first creative ventures included free verse poetry and haiku. More recently, I discovered the joy of abstract painting with acrylics and watercolors, and I am just beginning a journey into oil painting. Each of my paintings begins as an exploration of an idea or question that develops as the painting progresses.