Anita N. Browning

I grew up in Terre Haute, Indiana. At age 17, I wanted to attend the Chicago Art Institute, but my father, a DePauw University graduate, insisted that I would have a proper education at a four year university. Three degrees at two universities and three careers later I have found art once again.

My detour — as teacher of English, speech and theater, being a wife and mother, and (currently) as a Psychologist and Licensed Professional Counselor — has enriched my understanding of the intricate stories that make up people’s lives, and greatly informs my work.

In recent years I have studied drawing and painting with various artists. My process begins with a meandering amongst my collected items, old books, and pictures for ideas and possibilities — frequently with little idea of where I am going. After choosing a simple beginning palette, I begin layering with collage papers and acrylic paint, often adding washes and texturing techniques. Several layers later, I assemble an intuitively selected array of found objects, photos, ephemera, drawings, or findings from nature …. sewing, wiring, and gluing as needed …. allowing the visual “story” to unfold. I am ever seeking the thrown away or the old and nostalgic to reuse or recycle into art.

I‘m delighted that the still, small voice of my inner artist is finally expressing itself quite loudly, and that I am making the creation of art a central part of my life!

Artist Resume: My work has been exhibited at the Jacobs Gallery, Maude Kerns Art Center, Full City on Pearl, New Zone Gallery, Emerald Art Center, The Washburne Cafe, and the Island Park Art Gallery in Eugene and Springfield, Oregon.