Youth Art Works! Studio
June 23, 2018
Youth Art Studios offers consecutive weekly sessions of Building Progressive Foundations in Art. These classes offer more structure for students to gain a strong foundation in art that they will be able to continue to build upon for their future. Students explore various aspects of themes such as “Still Life” where composing, sketching, shading and...
Method to the Madness ~ Acrylic Pour Class
Ellen Furstner
July 11, 2018
“A Method to the Madness” with Ellen Furstner, Wednesday – July 11, 2018 from 1-3:30pm with more acrylic pours. This class is for everyone! You don’t need any artistic experience and it’s a fundraiser for EAC! $35.00 includes all materials and you leave with at least one piece of exciting art. You can participate in...
“The Magic of Silk Painting” ~ A 2 day class
Linda Swindle
August 8, 2018
Did you know that silk is one of the oldest and most durable fabrics? It is bug-proof, heat proof, colorfast and remains soft and luxurious. It takes dye beautifully and due to its qualities of transparency and shimmer, amazing artwork is the result. Touching a paintbrush filled with vibrant color to a piece of stretched...
iPhoneography ~ “Spirit of Autumn” a 6 week class
Sandy Brown Jensen
September 19, 2018
You are invited to join Sandy Brown Jensen for a six week class in the FINE, FUN ART OF iPhoneography. The cost for the 6 week course is $150 We will be celebrating the SPIRIT OF AUTUMN using our iPhones. Wherever you are in your iPhone-as-art journey, this class will take you to your next...
Ecography: Nature in Writing & Writing with Nature
Catt Foy
September 22, 2018
Ecography: Nature in Writing & Writing with Nature Literally, “nature writing”, Ecography is a term coined to represent the appearance and incorporation of the natural world in all kinds of writing. Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama, and other kinds of literature can benefit from the inclusion of the many aspects of nature: season, time, geography, flora,...
iPhoneography ~ “Spirit of the Holidays” ~ 6 Week Course ~  November 7-December 12
Sandy Brown Jensen
November 7, 2018
As the season darkens and the days get shorter, join Sandy Brown Jensen in a six-week course in the Fine, Fun art of iPhoneography celebrating THE SPIRIT OF THE HOLIDAYS starring your wonderful photographs. We will think about how to see and photograph the traditional holiday sights with new eyes. We will keep a photographer’s...