Youth Art Works! Studio

Youth Art Works!

Youth Art Studios offers consecutive weekly sessions of Building Progressive Foundations in Art. These classes offer more structure for students to gain a strong foundation in art that they will be able to continue to build upon for their future.

Students explore various aspects of themes such as “Still Life” where composing, sketching, shading and creating their interpretations of what is a still life will culminate into a work of art. Each week we will deepen their study into the chosen theme. At the end of the four week sessions, students will be able to leave a finished work of art at EAC to be included in our monthly gallery shows.

Our objective is to provide a strong foundation for younger children that can be continued into our Youth Art Works Teen Program. These two programs help our youth gain knowledge and appreciation for the visual arts, provide a creative outlet for self-expression, build confidence and social skills while engaging students in a positive, non-judgemental atmosphere.


Studio Art Classes for kids ages 6 – 12 years. Saturdays 1 – 3pm


June’s lessons will be about 3D art!


There are 5 sessions for the month of June, totaling $25.00 for the month. $5.00 per session, per child goes to help defray the cost of the instructor’s and supplies. Thank you!

Ages 6-12 $25.00 for June Section per student
Scholarships available


Call 541-726-8595 for more information and to register your child for an art class that builds fundamentals in art for kids!


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