Members’ Painting Challenge: Your interpretation of “Fissures”

Emerald Art Center is hosting our first National Juried Art Quilt Show with the theme “FISSURES”.

In coordination with this show, the Center is having a Members’ painting challenge for the month of March with your interpretation of “FISSURES”.


A fissure is simply a crack, an opening, a separation, a split.  Other interpretations include vent, opening, breach, or cleft; a breach in the space/time continuum, or a black hole.

A long narrow opening in rock; a volcanic fissure might spew lava, steam or smoke.

A biological fissure may be a split or break in tissue.

Our relationships with others may develop fissures, miscommunications, a lack of togetherness.

Here in Oregon, some streams pour out of fissures, or disappear into fissures, only to reappear farther down the hillside.

Artists are encouraged to consider and explore the varieties of meaning, image and experience and follow where that particular fissure takes you.

March 2nd is intake day for this challenge.

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