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Jane Sanford Harrison – “Gratitude Anyway”

January 1 - January 31

“Gratitude Anyway” – Daily Sketches from Jane Sanford Harrison

Daily Sketching

I’m now into the fourth year of doing a small daily sketch. The first year I did it I called it doing a “gratitude” sketch, and I looked every day for what made me grateful, amused, uplifted, joyous. Every day I would post the sketch on Facebook, and when I finished a page of sketches in my 9” X 12” sketchbook, I would scan it and post it on the Artists Journal Workshop subgroup on Facebook. And suddenly I had a following! At the end of the year, I put all the sketches into a book, A Year of Daily Gratitude Sketches, available at Blurb.com, with an e-book version, too. I realized that doing these daily sketches was a powerfully positive impact on my outlook on life.

In 2016 I started another daily sketch commitment, and called it “Daily Fascinations.” I followed the same format as before, but this time the sketches would be whatever caught my fancy, what intrigued or puzzled me, what made me curious or appreciative.

Then a series of unforeseen challenges occurred – icy weather, a huge pine tree falling in my yard between my house and the neighbor’s, the demise of my heat pump, the loss of electricity, my family coming for 10 days at Christmas (come to grandma’s and camp in the cold – it will be fun!), my dog being rushed to emergency because of a toxic reaction to chocolate. And I had stopped doing daily sketches – I felt like I had a frozen brain.

Depression accumulated over the following days until I realized I had to do something to counteract it. On January 20, 2017, the day of the presidential inauguration, I began doing daily sketches again, and called them “Gratitude Anyway.”

It turns out that doing the daily sketches is a spiritual practice for me, brightening and enriching my life. I hope you enjoy the sample of them I’ve shared here, and think about doing this yourself!

Jane Sanford Harrison

(P.S. – the title of this year’s daily sketches is “Gratitude Persists.”)


January 1
January 31
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