“Inspiration is for Amateurs” – Aqueous Media Workshop

“Inspiration is for Amateurs” – Aqueous Media Workshop with Geoff McCormack

Be prepared for a different approach to water media in Geoffrey McCormack’s latest three-day workshop. Geoff is a master of aqueous media, known for working in series to create images with startling realistic textures, colors, perspective, lighting and shadows. His compositions form an intriguing interplay of shapes and contrasting values, often with objects appearing to float on multiple planes. Revealing just how he creates such distinctive paintings, Geoff will demonstrate an array of new materials, tools and techniques. He will focus on design with an engaging point of view, using rich color triads, unique textural effects and dramatic lighting.

April 18 – April 20, from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

$225 – $250

 Register by March 18
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