“Form, Function, and Design” Ginny McVickar Textile Works

Red Poppy by Ginny McVickar

“Form, Function, and Design”

Emerald Art Center December 4 – January 4.  Opening Reception December 14

There are certain mathematical arrangements and patterns that are appealing to the human eye.  One factor is the presence of repetitive patterns called fractals. Another is a mathematical formula known as the Fibonacci Formula, or the Golden Ratio, that is present in the formation of spirals.  Mankind finds certain patterns and forms visually appealing and whether we realize it or not, many of them are based on these mathematical properties.  In Nature these mathematical arrangements serve a purpose in terms of growth, structural strength, nourishment and form.

Ginny McVickar has created a series of Textile Art works incorporating familiar patterns and designs found in Nature, describing the links between form and function and this Golden Ratio that appear again and again in Nature. She stitches satins, velvets, luminescent threads and fibers in Spirals, circles, fractals.

“This series of Textile Artworks is an interpretation of how Mathematics meets Art.  When I walk in the mountains or valleys, or along the coast, there are patterns in Nature that catch my eye and appeal to me as inspiration for my Textile Art from the simple beauty it imparts.” — Ginny McVickar

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