“Essential Acrylic Techniques” ~ November 2, 2018, 11 am ~ 3 pm

Essential Acrylic Techniques

“Essential Acrylic Techniques” ~ November 2, 2018 ~ 11 am ~ 3 pm ~ $105

There will be a lecture and demo about GOLDEN Acrylics at the EAC member’s meeting, October 16 @ 6:30 pm. If you sign up for this class at the meeting, you will receive a $10 discount!

Have you ever wanted to paint and not sure where to start? Do you paint in Acrylics but think you could have better control of your materials? This intense, 4 hour workshop is geared toward making sense of the technical aspects of acrylics and finding your groove. Learn tips to control the brush, palette, color mixing and drying times. We will explore a triad of Fluid Acrylics, mixing with polymer mediums to develop an understanding of Modern color mixing. Utilizing a series of exercises, we will discover the beautiful versatility of fluids as we pursue layers of washes and glazes. In the second session of the workshop we use Heavy Body acrylic to extend the color with Gels to develop textures and altar luminosity. With this thicker viscosity of paint we will explore the Mineral (inorganic pigments) to examine opacity, color mixing and impasto techniques. Expect loads of information, money saving tips and new reference for your work. I recommend this hands-on event for any artists, needing a refresher or a full jump start into acrylic.

*Students bring a Strathmore Mixed Media Visual Journal (Series 400 / 9”x 12”) , paper towels and/or an old cotton rag.

Essential Acrylic Techniques
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