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Workshops by Media

Emerald Art Center is proud to present workshops from leading artists and is dedicated to inspiring creativity in both adults and children, artists and non-artists. By offering workshops suited to all levels, ages and in a variety of mediums, our goal is both to nurture developing artists and to challenge established artists in a friendly, supportive environment.

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You can register online directly from each workshop you select.  Please see more options for registration and other details at “Register for Workshops.”

Workshop By Month

September 2017

“Watercolor Secrets Revealed” Join Tom Lynch for this exciting watercolor workshop.  You will learn new techniques; how to plan for success; build a successful painting; and to put drama, emotion and conviction into your art.  This award winning artist will show you how to push the limits of color, contrast and light.  Tom likes to put fun into the process of painting.

October 2017

“Opalescent Layers of Color” In this watercolor workshop, Jeannie will teach students how she works with limited palette of only 3 staining transparent watercolor hues to craft clean and translucent paintings.  Students will learn Jeannie’s techniques – how to mingle color on dry paper and on wet, how to create amazing mixes of color through layering.

Let Watercolor Do It’s Thing” One of the wonderful qualities of watercolor is it’s ability to run, flow and mix to create beautiful images and shapes…all by itself.  The goal of this workshop is to encourage those of you who want to loosen up, take a deep breath and let watercolor do it’s thing and to introduce newbies to do it’s thing.  Your experience as a painter doesn’t matter.  Your willingness to let the paint and paper take you on a journey does.

Keeping it Fresh, Making it Bold, Making it Yours” What would it be like to find your authentic voice, if you could imbue your artwork with an emotional quality that is genuinely, recognizably yours?  In this workshop, we will identify your very personal and unique approach, reveal that which you are drawn to, and why, on the deepest of levels, allowing you to paint more confidently.

Thank you to Sweet Cheeks Winery & Vineyard for their sponsorship of our workshops.

For Visiting Artists

Place to Stay While Attending a Workshop at Emerald Art Center

Members Janet and Rich of Sterling Graphics have a lovely space for rent as an AirBnb in Springfield called Evergreen House at:   It is located less than 5 minutes away from the center.