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Workshops by Media

Emerald Art Center is proud to present workshops from leading artists and is dedicated to inspiring creativity in both adults and children, artists and non-artists. By offering workshops suited to all levels, ages and in a variety of mediums, our goal is both to nurture developing artists and to challenge established artists in a friendly, supportive environment.

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Workshop By Month

June 2017

“Expression of Light” Teresa enjoys giving as much knowledge and understanding of the pastel medium as possible in the intensive workshop scenario.  Explaining her technique and approach, her demonstrations are in-depth and developed.  She often chooses to work with photos she has not previously used, allowing the workshop participants to watch (as though in her studio) as she works through and resolves different issues during the painting process.

July 2017

“Still Life and Landscapes” In this workshop we will paint the still life from still life setups and landscapes from our photos.  Although each day’s demonstration is done in oils, participants can paint in either oils or acrylics.  I will show how to produce vibrant and exciting colors.  The demo will consist of painting the picture from start to finish with ample explanation of the procedure and the thoughts and decisions that one makes through the process. The rest of the day participants will paint while the instructor provides one-on-one attention.

Join Tony Allain as he shares some of his working methods in this workshop, concentrating on painting land and seascapes that are filled with color and light.  We will explore the use of direct strokes on a textured surface to emphasize “brushwork”. We will learn how to simplify our approach to achieve exciting impressionistic paintings.  This workshop is for those willing to go through the door marked ‘leaving the comfort zone’ and enter a world of exciting and expressive pastel application.

Join Rene Eisenbart to make beautiful marbled patterns, then incorporate them into your artwork as visual texture, using collage or direct painting tapping into your own personal imagery.  Experiment with acrylic mediums to create 3-dimensional texture with subjects of your choosing – possibly and expressive portrait, botanical or creature.  Plan to work on several paintings during the workshop.  Leave with one or two ready-to-frame paintings, several starts and paper you’ve marbled for future work.

Thank you to Sweet Cheeks Winery & Vineyard for their sponsorship of our workshops.

For Visiting Artists

Place to Stay While Attending a Workshop at Emerald Art Center

Members Janet and Rich of Sterling Graphics have a lovely space for rent as an AirBnb in Springfield called Evergreen House at:   It is located less than 5 minutes away from the center.