• Painting Life with Life:  life as in people and animals, and life as in energy and excitement.     This workshop is a no-nonsense approach to watercolor.  It focuses on answering the many questions artists constantly ask; Why is my work muddy? How can I loosen up?  It is designed to help students at every skill level, to master techniques, and work on design and color.  Learn to paint boldly, think outside the box and paint outside the lines, with examples of basic color mixing including luscious greens, glowing whites, great grays and rich blacks.  Develop good composition and strong values.  Help with recipes for great skin tones, good ways to paint hair, how to choose good photographs to work from and more! See more of Bev's amazing work by checking out her website: bevjozwiak.com/wp/ Click here to view workshop flyer Click here for supply list
  • Watercolorists often worry about overworking their paintings and creating "mud".  They also may find the multitude of colors in their paint box confusing and expensive.  In this watercolor workshop, Jeannie will teach students how she works with limited palette of only 3 staining transparent watercolor hues to craft clean and translucent paintings.  Students will learn Jeannie's techniques - how to mingle color on dry paper and on wet, how to create amazing mixes of color through layering. Read more about Jeannie Vodden and check out her work and website at  JeannieVodden.com Click here for a workshop flyer Click here for supply list
  • One of the wonderful qualities of watercolor is it's ability to run, flow and mix to create beautiful images and shapes...all by itself.  The goal of this workshop is to encourage those of you who want to loosen up, take a deep breath and let watercolor do it's thing and to introduce newbies to do it's thing.  Your experience as a painter doesn't matter.  Your willingness to let the paint and paper take you on a journey does. We move quickly so you have lots of time to explore and experiment, but little time to worry.  Your "job" is to play and not worry! Read more about Jo and check out her work and website at  JoDunnick.com Click here for a workshop flyer Click here for supply list
  • You will make beautiful marbled patterns, then incorporate them into your artwork as visual texture, using collage or direct painting tapping into your own personal imagery.  Experiment with acrylic mediums to create 3-dimensional texture with subjects of your choosing - possibly and expressive portrait, botanical or creature.  Plan to work on several paintings during the workshop.  Leave with one or two ready-to-frame paintings, several starts and paper you've marbled for future work. About Rene:

    Rene Eisenbart's art-making, which started in childhood, has developed into a multi-faceted career including 25 years as artist for The Oregonian where she created weekly botanical illustrations.  Hundreds of her paintings have been published in the Homes & Garden and the book, "Plant This" by NPR correspondent Ketzel Levine.  Rene's art - often infused with the human form or quintessential plants and creatures of the Northwest - is rich with symbolic meaning.  It is a dance between her intention and the flow of paint.

    Check out Rene's excellent works and information on her website: http://rene-art.com/
  • Join Ruth for an in-depth exploration of abstract painting.  You'll learn how limiting your means of expression can free you to explore painting ideas.  Refine your visual language and experiment with simple exercises for unleashing your creative potential.  Discover ways to get new ideas and where to start on your journey to paint more abstractly.  You'll learn how to translate your ideas using both elements and principles of design and the 'mental game' in art-making.  Using your choice of media, we will explore shape, line, color, and texture to craft vibrant paintings that stir the emotions.  You will learn organizing principles, painting tips and techniques for overcoming self doubt and indecision. More information about Ruth:

    Ruth Armitage is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society, Rocky Mountain National Watermedia, California Watercolor Association, and The Northwest Watercolor Society and Past President of the Watercolor Society of Oregon.  The Watercolor Society of Oregon has awarded her its Outstanding Service Award.  She is currently planning a large joint exhibition between the Watercolor Society of Oregon and the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies.  Ruth's work has received many local and national awards, including the Loa Ruth Sprung Award in the National Watercolor Society's 95th Annual Exhibition.

    See more information about Ruth and her work at her website: http://rutharmitage.com/
  • Tom's objective is to show the vast range and flexibility of watercolor.  You will learn new techniques; how to plan for success; build a successful painting; and to put drama, emotion and conviction into your art.  This award winning artist will show you how to push the limits of color, contrast and light.  Tom likes to put fun into the process of painting.  He has an organized program with lots of visuals that sets a goal for each day and sees that each student has an example and understanding of that day's lesson.  You will see daily demonstrations with detailed explanations of all the how's and why's followed by plenty of individual attention and a positive critique session. Read more about Tom Lynch and check out his work and website at  TomLynch.com Click here for a workshop Click here for supply list
  • Join Vinita in exploring the light and capturing the moment spontaneously in watercolor.  Learn to paint with freedom and confidence while painting on location.  Vinita will be demonstrating on how to select a scene, chose a composition, mix colors from life, simplify the subject and more.  The workshop will include instructor demonstrations, step by step painting exercises, and individual painting time with one on one assistance.  If you're not already enchanted with plein air painting, you will be after this workshop! Learn more about Vinita and check out her work at her website  VinitaPappas.com Click here for a workshop flyer Click here for supply list