• In this 3 day workshop taught by PSA Signature Pastelist, Molly Lipsher, you will focus on uncovering your unique vision to paint bold, fresh and intuitive paintings.  What would it be like to find your authentic voice, if you could imbue your artwork with an emotional quality that is genuinely, recognizably yours?  In this workshop, we will identify your very personal and unique approach, reveal that which you are drawn to, and why, on the deepest of levels, allowing you to paint more confidently. Read more about Molly and check out her work and website at  MollyLipsher.com Click here for a workshop flyer  
  • Teresa enjoys giving as much knowledge and understanding of the pastel medium as possible in the intensive workshop scenario.  Explaining her technique and approach, her demonstrations are in-depth and developed.  She often chooses to work with photos she has not previously used, allowing the workshop participants to watch (as though in her studio) as she works through and resolves different issues during the painting process.  The remainder of each day will be devoted to helping the participants develop their paintings starting with a value study where they will be honing composition, value, shapes, etc. and ultimately a better painting. Learn more about Teresa and check out her work at her website TeresaSaia.com Click here for a workshop flyer Click here for supply list  
  • Tony will share some of his working methods in this workshop, concentrating on painting land and seascapes that are filled with color and light.  We will explore the use of direct strokes on a textured surface to emphasize "brushwork". We will learn how to simplify our approach to achieve exciting impressionistic paintings.  This workshop is for those willing to go through the door marked 'leaving the comfort zone' and enter a world of exciting and expressive pastel application. About Tony:

    I'm not interested in pure representation; my work is about responses to the moods and atmospheres generated by landscape, still life or interior.  I take an everyday scene and through a subtle approach and through focusing on light, color and tone, I try to give the motif an elevated atmosphere.  My subjects are often oriented around the mood of the sea, skies, harbors, ships and figures; I am constantly absorbing everything that is around me.  I am interested in new ideas and art forms.  My philosophy is the more I work the more I discover.  Drawing is essential as a tool of discovery; skill and mastery of technique are also essential, but only as a vocabulary and a means toward an idea.

    Check out Tony's wonderful work on his website:

    http://www.tonyallainfineart.com/home#.WDBsn1wY2So Click here to view workshop flyer Click here for supply list