Ronald Pennington Satterfield


Ronald Pennington Satterfield About Ron "The Final Frontier" An artist explores deep space and time in this graphic novel style series in oil paintings. Follow the storyboard of a reluctant space traveler into a neighboring galaxy. This series pays homage to Star Trek and to 2001, A Space Odyssey through imaginative science fiction [...]

Amber Peden


Amber Peden About Amber My work is a creative exploration of manifesting meditations into forms and the universal relationship to the feminine. With influences from the relationships of Mother Nature and the universe to micro and microcosms. There is a diverse use of materials to create new variations from both mundane and [...]

Katherine Boro


Katherine Boro About Katherine Katherine was born underneath the expansive turquoise blue sky in Omaha, Nebraska.  She is a Visual Artist. She graduated with Honors from her Finger Painting class in kindergarten.  She then advanced towards “Paint by Numbers” on canvases. Her highest degree was received from the school of Passion, which is [...]