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Todd Peterson

About Todd

I’ve been taking photographs since the 1950’s when I got my first camera — a Kodak Brownie 127.  As cameras changed over the years, I continued to take photos with each new generation of technology, from black and white to color film, 35 mm slides, SLR, compact autofocus, DLSR, and smartphone cameras (missed getting a Polaroid instant camera).  Today, I exclusively shoot photos with an iPhone 6 (which makes me an “iPhoneographer”).  It produces excellent results, offers lots of flexibility, great apps for editing, and much more convenience than carrying around a DLSR.

Over the years, the subjects of my photos have ranged from family and friends, school activities, hot rods and sports cars, vacation trips, news events, artists and their artwork, lots of flowers, and Northwest landscapes.  Today I focus mainly on the natural world as well as “old things” I’m drawn to.

I’ve also begun having some of my photos made into metalprints, a process in which images are infused into sheets of aluminum.  The images take on an iridescent sheen with vibrant colors and a high level of detail.

Currently, I coordinate Emerald Art Center’s new website, take photos of the member’s art work for the site, and do lots of photo resizing and compressing.

Media:  iPhoneography