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Larry Moran

About Larry

I’m an amateur photographer who loves to take pictures. I’ve been shooting for just over two years now, and have developed a variety of interests. I like shooting flowers, especially macro shots, which show the intricate detail contained within the flower. I also do a lot of scenery photos, and I’m working on portrait photography. I learn something new every time I pick up the camera. I think that photographs give us the opportunity to focus our eyes and minds on the specifics of a subject or scene. Our eyes see the world so widely that we often miss the intricacies and subtleties that a photograph gives us time to study.

This is only the second time I’ve shown a group of my photos, (the first was just last month). Most of these are of flowers from either my wife’s garden or that of our neighbors, but a few were taken in Hawaii and Europe. I hope you like them.

Larry Moran, Oregon Photographer