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Judy Waller

About Judy

    I have had a special affection and admiration for plants, flowers, and animals since my earliest days, and have always loved to draw and paint them, observing and capturing often overlooked details and delighting in being able to translate that into an artwork that others could enjoy.
    My natural affinities for science and art led me to study Biological Sciences at UC Berkeley and embark on a career in Scientific Illustration upon graduation. With my husband and partner John, I worked as a freelance illustrator for more than 40 years doing technical and biological illustrations for college-level science textbooks.
    Watercolor painting has been a more personal way for me to express my fascination with the world around me. I began by painting flowers, but in recent years, I have branched out to other subject matter as well, including portraits—challenging myself to capture in watercolor the pure beauty of the subject: graceful curves, intriguing textures, exquisite gradations of color, personality, reflected and translucent light, and dark crevices of shadow.
Medium:  Watercolor on Arches 140-lb stretched paper
Judy Waller Watercolor Artist
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