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Renee Wright’s, “Elements and Spirits of Nature”, is an exhibit of her handmade cloth dolls. Renee has created nine dolls representing Native American culture of our area as well as forces of nature. Each doll tells a story.

Renee Wright was born in Guam and has a degree in Anthropology/Archeology from the University of Oregon. She has studied many different mediums of art for more than thirty years including: costuming, embroidery, weaving, spinning, painting and drawing. Currently, her focus has been creating beautiful cloth art dolls, which incorporates and applies her love for all the mediums mentioned.

These cloth dolls in the exhibit represent the aspects and spiritual elements of nature. She uses many different techniques to bring the work to life. She takes great pride in adding all the little details, choosing the right cloth and picking the colors for each of her amazing dolls; which combines to create a complete look and feel for each doll she creates.

 The dolls represented are:

Raven– Legend’s say the Raven brought the sun, water, fire, berries and salmon to the Native Indians of the Pacific Northwest.

Macheaon Medicine Woman– She is the healer and keeper of her people.

Fire Woman– She is the keeper of the flame to provide for warmth and cooking to the tribe.

The Spirit of Water– From which all life flows

The Spirit of Wind- Which brings the rains and spreads the seeds.

The Fisherman– Who brings the salmon for the feast.

The Woman of the Earth– Who plants the seeds and helps crops to grow which sustain life.



Shawney Goings will be featuring a collection of oil paintings as well as her watercolor studies of “Salmon and Berries”.

The work presented is a collection of oil paintings by Shawney Goings. She was born in Fairfax, Virginia and lived in several different areas in the United States, her high school years in Alaska were among the most influential and inspiring to her as a young artist.   She was also influenced by her artistic family and love for nature. Shawney began painting at an early age and went on to study art in college. She was in the BFA program in New Hampshire, studied in Anchorage, Alaska, and then graduated at University of Oregon. Her work is centered on nature themes and she enjoys working mainly in watercolor, oils and charcoal.

The exhibit “Salmon and Berries” was based on Shawney’s love for Alaska, specifically: her admiration of the arduous journey that the salmon endure from their stream birth place to the vast ocean and back again; the beauty and life sustaining value of the berry harvest in the fall; and the connection of these two resources with the Pacific Northwest tribes who depended upon them for their survival. Salmon are indicator species; as water becomes degraded and fish populations decline, so too will the elk, deer, roots, berries and medicines that sustain us. “Without salmon returning to our rivers and streams, we would cease to be Indian people.”

Opening Reception for these three artists will take place on Friday, August 14th from 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. The exhibit will run through Friday August 28th. Gallery Hours are Tuesday – Saturday from 11-4. Please call 541-726-8595 for more information.

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