Guest Artist: 

“Emerging Artists of Fine Art Photography”  Featuring works of three dynamic fine art photographers selected from the September 2016 Autumn Juried Photography Show at EAC.   You will see portraits by Matthew DeFeo, landscapes from Deigh Bates and urban landscapes from Adam Bernard.  Don’t miss this exciting exhibit!

Featured Artist:  Jill Atkin – Extravaganza of Color

Jill’s Statement:  The quote,”Artists have no choice but to express their lives,” perfectly sums up my philosophy of art and life.

In my past, I have been fortunate to live and paint in many varied places; from endless skies of Montana to the lush green landscapes of the Pacific Northwest.

I have painted with the challenges inherent of Plein Air: bugs, heat, wind, rain and lots of snow in Wyoming. While coming home to the quietness of my studio.

Almost every medium has called to me at some point in time, which could be both fun and frustrating in process. However, I always return to my favorite…pastels. A somewhat overlooked medium, they are such beguiling little sticks of pure pigment!

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