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Guest Artist:  Janene Diaz

Mockingbird’s Union

My artistic practice is a journey of self-discovery. I attempt to confront and cut through layers of hard-wiring and subtle energies in attempt to express a feeling of origin. I use music, nature, human relationships, and my personal yoga practice as a muse. The underlining theme of my work is unity and an attempt to express a harmonious union of opposites. Sub-themes are intuitively selected through persistent and ambiguous feelings that sometimes reveal themselves during the process of creation and often not until years later. My work involves storytelling and is born of an inner self-referential inner contemplative vision.


For personal growth and spiritual aim, I attempt to stay centered both in life and in my work. Producing spiritually provocative work is my ultimate aim, though the process can be arduous. My work is created by using a mixture of medium, bringing together a variety of ingredients, to pursue the act of creation.

Featured Artist:  Carol E. Fairbanks

Painting the Presents of Nature

John Muir’s quote sums up the focus of my art with his quote, “In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.”   My paintings give image to those generous gifts of nature that nourish and sustain us all.

Artist Bio:

Carol E. Fairbanks combines her love of nature and hiking with her creative life. Her art images, inspired by her experiences in nature, express a relationship with the natural world that she feels is essential for a healthy and prospering planet. Carol taught for about 30 years in public schools in Ohio, specializing in natural science and art. After retiring and teaching yoga for 5 years, she adventurously made a solo move to Oregon, where she has continued her study of art and creative expression. Carol now paints with acrylics and sometimes includes ink, pastels and assemblage in her art. Carol hopes that those who view her art creations will be inspired to greater awareness of themselves and their vital connection to the natural world.


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